Drive Electric Week – Konkel Park Greenfield, WI

National Drive Electric Week (Sept 22 – Oct 1, 2023) is a nationwide celebration to raise awareness of the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It’s an opportunity for the vehicle owners to share their knowledge and experiences and educate the public

TeslaMate v1.23.6 released

This was another small bug release (it was released only a couple of hours after v1.23.5): Disable sign-in button if captcha code is missing Fix login for Chinese accounts

Recommended Tesla Y accessories

There are a million Reddit posts, YouTube videos and other articles on “recommended” Tesla Y accessories. The problem is that a lot of them are filled with affiliate links, sponsored products etc. In this article, I’m only going to talk about things that I have purchased and installed on my Tesla Mode Y. I paid

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TeslaMate v1.23.4 released

This is a minor update to TeslaMate with improvements and bug fixes. The following dashboards had updates: Drive Details: Don’t round down duration Projected Range: Prevent division by zero Updates / States / Statistics: Use local browser time Charge Level: Simplify database query Timeline: Add new category Missing and some other adjustments Timeline: Fix missing

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Integrating TelsaMate into Home Assistant

In a previous article, I explained how to install TeslaMate on a Vultr VPS. TeslaMate gives you a lot of information and graphs, but you can’t really “act” on the data. That’s where Home Assistant comes into play. Once you have integrated TeslaMate with Home assistant, you’ll be able to create automations to simplify your

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Updating your Ubuntu VPS

Applying the latest operating system and security updates to your Ubuntu VPS is very simple. If possible, you’ll want to check for updates weekly. You should check at least once a month. There are just three simple commands that you have to run. The first command that you’ll run will download information about what updates

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Upgrading TeslaMate

Upgrading TeslaMate is very forward and involves the two steps (and one is optional if you are brave and don’t want a backup before you upgrade). Backing up your VPS (Optional, but recommended) Downloading and updating TeslaMate Backing up your VPS If you followed my tutorial on installing TeslaMate on a Vultr VPS the backup

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How to check for Tesla recalls

Tesla maintains a web page where you can enter your VIN and see if there are any outstanding recalls. The web page is While you should get a notification about any recalls, it’s not a bad idea to be proactive and check yourself. You can also double check things by going to the NHTSA

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Installing TeslaMate on a Vultr VPS

In this article, I’m going to explain how to install TeslaMate (securely) on a Vultr VPS. If you are not familiar with TeslaMate, it allows you to gather all sorts of information and statistics about your Tesla vehicle(s). The biggest difference between TeslaMate and other cloud based applications is that you are in total control

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